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Adam Crockett 🌀
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I'm a Dad spying on Mumsnet thanks to Google feed

It's not sinister I promise, just fascinating.

So I find this question pops up alot in my head. Programming is so normal, it's a massive part of my life, When I comute, I try to work out who is heading off to do some development and who is off to do something else and what must that be like?

I couldn't imagine doing anything else anymore, but I'm getting older and starting to see youngsters juniors and find myself mentoring something. It's fascinating to hear how we are the same and how we differ, my past self would have agreed with the junior I'm sure.

Today my son is coming up to 2 years old and I am coming up to 33.333333% of my estimated lifespan, it's making me such a soppy git. Anyway on to the point, Google seems to have my persona down to a T, the feed recomend this interesting perspective about a 22 DS (dear son) it's code (Mumsnet has code) (I don't know why)anyway I digress, take a little read some of the replies are spot on and you can see a non programming perspective from the OP.

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