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Adam Crockett
Adam Crockett

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🌱 shape-outside - basil plant.

Recently I asked for your feedback on a design, now I have kind of made it close to prod ready, still need to do some optimisations, but it looks cool!

⚠️ Broken AF on Firefox, this is due to the hacky way I moved the svg into position, I will not be using svg in the final nor moving it around with transforms.

What is css?

  • drop shadow, filter: drop-shadow();
  • text wrap around, clip-path and shape-outside
  • Graphic is svg but Im going to swap to webp and png.

PS. I grew this plant for the photo and the code, then I ate it.

What can you make with top down views?

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Adam Crockett

1 mega bite 😅. Thanks for stopping by 🙂