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Simple prototype inheritance in JavaScript

This post is more of a snippet than an in-depth post; something for the future when I stop doing JS and probably forget everything. I do actually think my brain is like Homer's, whenever I learn something new, the old stuff seems to leak out!

The snippet below is simple JavaScript prototype inheritance. Being a .NET person, it seems a bit strange at first, but really it's just a chain of base classes known as prototypes that link right back to the object. I wanted to get an idea of how regular ol' js works without using any of the supposedly great libraries out there such as base.js and John Resig's Simple JavaScript Inheritance.

var Base = function() {  
  this.printString = function(string) {

var Ext = function() {
  this.printMessage = function() {
    this.printString("Hello, testing!");

Ext.prototype = new Base();

var ext = new Ext();
ext.printString("test!"); // calls prototype method from Base
ext.printMessage();       // calls method from Ext
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Quite self-explanatory, hopefully I will get some time to delve more into this. Expect posts if I do!

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