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Discussion on: How do you keep track of all the great resources you find?

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Hey! I use an app called Pocket - you basically use the share menu on your phone as if you was sharing the article with a contact but instead, you 'share' it with your 'Pocket' and it gets saved for offline viewing. This can be saved from any app including the phone browsers, Medium, and pretty much any other app! Very cool

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I have used pocket for years then one day they lost my account. Also after storing so many stuffs It was difficult to find old ones even with the search. It's general for any service I had tried as I said, so it's better to create your own system like I did.

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Valentin Baca

+1 Pocket

It's the only thing with 'tags' where I actually use the tags. For the most part I tag things with what they're about: 'ios', 'js', 'cloud' etc.

A few special tags I use are: 'someday', which is for much longer articles or projects that would require more than 10 minutes to read or do.

Then when I have some extended downtime, I know where to find them.

I really like it for when I'm at work. Between builds (obligatory xkcd) I can usually browse or to find interesting articles, but I don't have enough time to read them while on the clock. So I send them off to Pocket and check them out later.