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Why Entrepreneurs Should Learn to Code

adeleyeayodeji profile image Adeleye Ayodeji Originally published at Medium on ・2 min read


Programming forces you to begin thinking about everything (not just the code base) in smaller components.

Learning to code helps entrepreneurs to sharpen their thinking and stay alert to logically offer problem-solving approaches.

If you’re an entrepreneur and you’ve ever heard someone talking about the debate between PHP 7.2 vs. PHP 5.3 or what the future of modern programming and coding might look like, you could feel lost 😔.

Most people do, but there are some pretty strong cases often made as to why entrepreneurs and business owners might think about learning to code.

Coding used to be something that was associated only with tech geniuses, but that’s not the case anymore. Business owners are increasingly finding that having at least a basic knowledge of coding can be helpful in their everyday work.

Below are some reasons that you, as an entrepreneur, might start thinking about learning to code.

  1. Prepare for the future

No matter what venture you start, your company will likely have some sort of coding involved.

Whether it is a basic informational website, an online ordering system, a communication tool for your employees, or a full-scale, enterprise application, you will need code to accomplish at least parts of your business.

As we progress in technology, software and development will seep into almost every single aspect of a company.

  1. Save money

While in startup mode, the value of a dollar really counts. As an entrepreneur, being scrappy is a way of life, and cost-effectiveness is key.

In addition to being prepared for the future, learning how to code can be an incredible way to save you time and money.

  1. Think Critically

Another added benefit of learning how to program is the mindset that comes with being a programmer.

Writing code will cause you to think differently than you ever have before, and can be a huge asset in problem-solving. Programming forces you to begin thinking about everything (not just the code base) in smaller components.

Learning the core concepts of object-oriented and functional programming will have you breaking things down to its most basic parts and examining how it all works together.

Nothing can prepare you better for being creative with the technology and tools you have available, especially when things aren’t working exactly as you expect!


When you’re an entrepreneur, you may be full of ideas and creativity, and by learning to code, you can take those ideas and turn them into something tangible.

Get started today, pick up a language to start with.

Happy Coding 😎🤩


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