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Our last Meetup with Barcelona JS

We have hosted a new Adevinta Meetup with BarcelonaJS. We have had 2 great talks. Find below more information of the talks⬇️

1️⃣ "Traversing, an alternative to routing" by Eric Bréhault, frontend team leader at Onna

Traversing is a key concept in web navigation. That is how URLs and HTML links work since the very beginning of the web, yet most web developers don't know it, and modern frontend frameworks use routing to enable navigation in a single page app, but that is not the only option.

This talk will explain why routing is not always good and how using traversing can achieve loose coupling between frontend app and backend, better plug-ability, and better re-usability.

2️⃣ "Design system: developing your own UI library is not such a bad idea" by Mat Pellerin, senior frontend developer at Onna

As frontend developers, we often tend to use existing UI libraries like Material or Bootstrap, thinking developing our own UI library would be a non-sense; others did it already better than what we could ever do, and that would be a real waste of time.

Well, that might be true for some kind of projects but implementing your own design system as an UI library is not always such a bad idea.

⬇️ Here the meetup! ⬇️🎉

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