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User Experience (UX) Part 1- Introduction

User Experience (UX) encompasses all the aspects of the user's interaction with a company and its product. So, the product has to work, it should be easy to use, and enjoyable at the same time. In the real-world, User Experience (UX) is often misunderstood to be similar to the User Interface (UI). UI includes what the user visualize, for example, text, videos, images, colors, and many more. UX is a user's interaction with those UI elements.

So, what makes great UX? The answer is simple;

  1. It should offer some value, i.e usefulness or allow user to do things.
  2. It should offer usability, i.e easy to use.
  3. It should offer adaptability, i.e easy to get started.
  4. It should offer desirability, i.e fun and engaging graphic/visual design (image, color, fonts, and shapes) and effective content.

Do you think UX matters? Yes, it does. Many top companies in the world hire UX designers to create seamless interaction of their products with customers. Furthermore, UX decreases development inefficiencies making the development task well-ordered for the front-end engineers. After all, the development of quality products will help a company perform better financially.

In the upcoming blog, we will dive deep into Processes in the UX.

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