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New changes to

It's been two weeks since the launch of my latest side project - The response I have been getting from the users is generally positive. Going through user emails and feedback motivates me to put in more time and effort into making the site better.

I had some time last week and I worked on some of the common suggestions I had from users. I want to update you on the changes here.

New Changes

  • You can now search the 400+ Laravel related links
  • The most recently added link is shown on the Homepage
  • The landing page has been improved
  • Added an about page to explain about the project
  • Users can submit links to Laravel Resources

Upcoming Features

  • Tagging links, this way users can see all links relating to a tag
  • A page to show 10 most recently added links
  • Homepage redesign
  • Pagination in the Collection Pages
  • Better sorting of links in the Collection Pages
  • Improve search efficiency
  • Add a roadmap to the About page
  • RSS feed for each Collection
  • Promoted link - I was approached by a Laravel Book author about this, but I am still thinking about it


That's all I have to share about I will update when something major changes to the project. If you have any feedback or suggestion, do drop an email to -

Thank You.

P.S. - More about me and my work at Simplest Web.

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