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Sasmito Adibowo
Sasmito Adibowo

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How to Program iOS on iOS

Do I need a mac to program iOS?
How to program iOS on Windows?
Do I need a Mac to program iOS?

This is a frequent question asked by amateur programmers (or want-to-be programmer) looking to get into iOS programming.

For a long time the answer was a definite “yes - a Mac is required to program iOS”.

However that is no longer true.

Programming on an iPad Mini

Programming iOS on the device itself has been feasible for a long time now. Often with the help of an external keyboard, of course. However apparently not many people know about it. Moreover many iOS developers themselves seems to be denying this fact – probably due to job security reasons.

Read on to find out how to program on an iPad, iPhone, or even iPod touch without needing a Mac.

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