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Data not getting fetched into service. Unable to subscribe in other components. I am stuck and this is urgent :(


```private APIUrl: string = environment.APIUrl;
constructor(private inService: API,
private httpClient: HttpClient) { }

private _userDataDashboard$ = new ReplaySubject(1);

getUserDetailsSubject(): Observable {
return this._userDataDashboard$.asObservable();


refreshUserData(): Observable {

  const headers = new HttpHeaders()
    .set('Authorization', 'Bearer ' + localStorage.getItem(AppConstants.TOKEN));
return this.httpClient.get<any>(this.APIUrl, {headers: headers}).pipe(
  tap((response: any) => {
    // notify all subscribers of new data
    this._userDataDashboard$.next( );

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I have called this function in a section where the user submit details: Profile.ts

```submitBasicDetails(basicDetails: {}) {
this.isLoading = true;
(response: any) => {


When I am calling a parameter of fullName in Dashboard.html, it does not reflect

<h1>Hi {{data.firstName}}</h1>

Please help me identify the error.

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