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Angular for beginners

Hello community,

I am hailing from India, I am an android (Kotlin) developer with back end development on PHP and exploring the world of web now.

So during the lock down I started learning Angular, I had previous experience of working with angular when i created one mobile application on ionic framework, so that helped when i started creating web app. I did not had much in mind when I first started web but now I am enjoying building applications quickly on this. Also CSS and HTML as much as they are pain to properly align the objects on the page, they do work wonders when it comes to UI. Long story short, I have started building mobile apps on hybrid framework and now I am on my way to create an actual product for a client in Angular.

If you want to start learning below are the key topics that can help you to get a basic understanding of the framework. Keep this as a checklist and mark days to learn about each topic on calendar. This trick really helped me personally.

  • Directory Structure
  • Component
  • Provider
  • Module
  • Data binding
  • Services
  • Pipes
  • Routing
  • Route Guard
  • Parent Child component relationship
  • Promise and observable (They are a bit of pain at first, but it gets better with practice :) )
  • Component structure (In angular everything is component, so it helps if you understand what all component can be reused)
  • Angular material (For beautifying your pages)

Understanding them should get you going with an application. Hope this helps you as it helped me :)


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