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Aditya Mukhopadhyay
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CivicGraph is now RecallGraph

I had posted earlier about an open source temporal graph database that I have built, named CivicGraph.

I am thrilled to follow up on that with a lineup of exciting announcements:

  1. CivicGraph is now renamed to RecallGraph. This was deemed necessary to avoid confusion with another identically named (but functionally different) product by Microsoft. Also, the new name serves as a useful reminder for what the product is designed to do.
  2. RecallGraph has its own sparkling new home. Check out
  3. There is also a dedicated documentation website, replete with concepts, terminologies and a comprehensive guide to getting started with the product. Check out
  4. New API endpoints to support advanced functionalities like purge and restore.
  5. Built-in support for distributed tracing, based on the OpenTracing standard.
  6. More improvements, both major and minor, all listed at
  7. Support for Foxx's service linking, documented at
  8. A community support forum hosted at Gitter.
  9. Swagger API documentation (standalone) at

There are still miles to go, with a long development roadmap ahead. I am indeed grateful to all of you who have supported and encouraged me to keep building and improving this project! I hope it provides productive service in your tech stack(s) some day.

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