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Aditya Tyagi
Aditya Tyagi

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Pick colors: LIKE A BOSS

Disclaimer: Windows only

As a front-end developer, one of the most important work is to get the design right. Now there are times when the client is a bit low on budget and cannot provide a professionally designed app with colors-scheme and shit!

There are times when you are asked to do a hot-fix for a production ready app wherein you just have to match the color according to the design.

So, whenever I am developing on Windows, and there is a need to pick colors from an image, browser, website, practically ANYTHING, my go-to tool is: COLORCOP

Color from a desktop icon

Picking color from the Winamp logo
Alt Text

Color from browser

Picking Purple color from the Broswer – RegEx text

Alt Text

With Colorcop, you can pick colors off any surface, literally ANY SURFACE. As you can see in the image above, we are picking colors off of an icon – a fucking icon! Now, how cool is this shit!

In an alternate universe…

For MacOS or Linux users, stick to Chrome/Firefox extensions like ColorZilla. But obviously, just Google ColorCop alternatives for MacOS or Linux and if you do stumble on anything concrete, ping me here!

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