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Awesome write-up! I'll be using your TDD approach from now on for sure.

What about connection pooling, have you thought about ways it can be done? Opening and closing connections to the database all the time can easily overload the server it is running on.

From what I've hacked so far, caching the connection with mongoose seems to be the way to go.

Anyhow, great walkthrough! Happy to see more people experimenting with serverless architectures. 😁


Thank you for your kind feedback, Adnan :)

I will be talking about connection pooling, mongoose, webpack and maybe end-to-end testing in episode 2, so stay tuned :)


Hi again Adnan, here you have part #2: I hope you like it!

BTW, I just saw your articles on Serverless as well, very nice work!
I will have a look on your article about migrating Rest API's ;)


Hey Jordi! Thank you, I've poured a lot of R&D into serverless POC apps. Have fun reading my stuff. I'll check out your next article right away. 😁

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