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re: Fantastic post, Adnan. Really enjoying this series of threads relating to serverless. One (silly?) question. Is further setup required to be able t...

Hey Luca

Not a silly question at all! To be direct, no further setup is required. Even though a lambda function is ephemeral, you can store static assets and serve them just as from any other server (check this out in the repo).

However, I would argue against this for a real-world use case. You should really use an S3 bucket to store the images and serve them from there.

Another cool fact is that you can use Nuxt to generate static files and host everything on S3, without using AWS Lambda at all. It all comes down to preference.

Hope this clears some things up. I'm glad you liked the article. Stay in touch or send me a message through the chat if you have any questions. πŸ˜ƒ


Very nice example and article! Any thoughts on how to store the static dist files on S3? I mean lambda for the SSR first hit from the client. Then any other nuxt dist files needed once the the SPA is hydrated on the client are then retrieved form the s3 bucket/cloud-front distribution?

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