RESTful API design with Node.js

Adnan Rahić on April 07, 2017

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This is great for beginners, but if you want to create a more robust API, you might as well use a framework. Especially if you're considering using Angular as a front-end.

I've used (and contributed to) LoopBack (2 and 3) for a while and it's pretty solid (and built on top of Express by the same guys who created it, so quite a bonus). Plus it manages users and permissions out of the box and there are tools to generate services (and models) for Angular. 😉

I did try Sails a while ago but it didn't go so well, as it was lacking compared to LoopBack.


I'd strongly disagree. I've been on the receiving end of a horrible relationship with Sails myself. Never would I want to advise someone to go down that path. Express is incredibly easy to work with, and very flexible. It's already a full-fledged framework. Any more abstraction above it is just overhead, mainly for performance and the cleanliness of your code. Integrating users, permissions and policies is much easier than it sounds. :)

This is just my humble opinion. But, I haven't tried LoopBack yet. Maybe after I do, I'll change my standpoint.

I'm glad you liked the tutorial. Cheers man! :)


I haven't explored Sails enough to know what you're talking about but it might be possible form what I remember. :)

LoopBack does bring a few things that you'd have to manage yourself with Express + Mongoose, like sending the right error codes to the client, modular type checking and multiple datasources (files, MongoDB, MySQL, etc.).

There's actually not that much overhead compared to Express (though it might seem like it at first), and it comes from the same team so it's pretty well integrated and you can still use Express if you need it.

Mongoose is also very strict sometimes and that can lead to some headaches. For APIs, it might sometimes be easier to have a more permissive checking (LoopBack has different settings, so you can adjust that).

Anyway, just sharing a tool, not trying to force anyone to convert to any religion. 🙏


Trying out node.js for the 2nd time, good simple to follow guide. I made this simple app with VS2017, and it worked as I followed the guide. Thanks.

Now it'd be awesome if there's similar one for making the UI for this app using bootstrap or other framework.


I'm actually in the process of writing one using Angular. Stay tuned. :)


Thanks Adnan!

If you have time, would love a writeup that shows how a more complex data model would be handled.

Seeing the canonical Blog use-case of "user", "post", "comment", "tag" would be extremely helpful, and would be the next step for pretty much everyone reading this post :)


You're welcome! That's a great idea actually. I've been trying to figure out some cool way of building out on this topic for more experienced readers. This might be it. :)


Thanks Adnan, great explanation. I have checked several tutorials dealing with this topic, and honestly, this is the best one I have read. Good job! Hope to read more from you soon


Thank you! Your kind words mean a lot to me. I'm just happy my writing is actually helping people.


Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. Feel free to check out my latest articles. Many of them continue with similar Node.js topics.


This probably is the simplest getting started tutorial on REST I have come across


Awesome feedback! Thanks a lot. I'm thrilled you found it useful.

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