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Nice! Like you, I also chose specific times for things towards the beginning and end of the day, but leave a lot of space in the middle. If I try to attach specific times to everything I'm trying to do, it makes me anxious and distracts me.

My schedule is a little more spontaneous. On weekdays, I alternate what times I wake up. On the weekends, I go off the rails and prioritize a bit more impulsively, depending on what's weighing on my mind the most.

Here's my weekday schedule that I've refined & will be trying out the next 4 weeks:

  • Wake up (7 AM/12 PM)
  • Learning (Javascript 30)
  • Stretch & exercise
  • Apply to at least 3 jobs
  • Optional nap time (I may lay down around 12:30-1:30 pm)
  • Work for 3 hrs (part-time Upwork contract)
  • [ SPONTANIETY HOUR(S): This is where I give in to my bipolar2-ness: I may play video games, call/talk to my wife/friends/fam, briefly clean around the house, cook, eat & watch Netflix, or just chill (or somehow manically accomplish ALL of these things) for 1-2 hrs]
  • Practice (Codewars) 30 min to 1 hr
  • More learning (edX course) 1 hr
  • Building (1-2 hrs depending on my energy)
  • Chill & go to bed (midnight/2 AM)

Closer towards the end of the day is where I'm more conscious of how much time I dedicate towards things, but in the mornings and early afternoons, I'm more chill & laidback.

Thanks for sharing your routine. It's always interesting to see how other people balance and juggle work, play & hobbies!


Thanks for sharing your routine, Adrian! This is great - I might incorporate a few of these items into my routine after I've spent some time with it next week. 🙂

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