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Onstro-DB a fast DB


pip install onstro-db
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Let's see how fast it is.

In this example, we can make a DB with 4 columns and in which 2 columns have a default value. Which are added during Runtime.
We will be adding 10,000 values to the DB and check how fast it is.

The test code

from onstrodb import OnstroDb
import time

test_schema = {
    "name": {"type": "str", "required": True},
    "age": {"type": "int", "required": True},
    "place": {"type": "str", "default": "canada"},
    "alive": {"type": "bool", "default": True}

db = OnstroDb(db_name="test", in_memory=True, schema=test_schema)

# generate the data to insert
data = []
for i in range(10_000):
    print(i, end="\r", flush=True)
    d = {"name": f"ad{i}", "age": i}

# insert the data into the DB
start = time.time()
stop = time.time()

print("Elapsed Time: ", stop - start)

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Here we first create all the data we want to insert and we time the insertion process.

Here are the results.

Elapsed Time:  1.077016830444336
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Onstro-Db supports full CRUD operation, comes with a simple CLI, has a strict schema, and also prevents data duplication by default.

As you can see this thing is fast. To know more visit the Github repo here.

Star and follow the repo for future updates.

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