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Why Flutter is Important in 2020

Before I explain anything about it chances are you have come across various blogs in which you have studied almost everything you should know about Flutter.

This year has been a thriller to mobile developers because mobile developers had various options to develop their app but with the introduction of Flutter whole scenario changed rapidly and the community found their new crush to pay attention to.

Now instead of explaining about flutter, I would recommend you visit the official Flutter site to get some knowledge about it. After reading from the official site let me explain a few key points to summarize it.

Flutter consists of an SDK that helps to develop your application and compile code of iOS and Android. It also consists of a UI library of toolkits.

What would you get from Flutter?

  1. Same Codebase for all platforms

In flutter, the developer needs to write a single code base for all platforms and this is one of the biggest advantages flutter developers have, here you have the same business logic and same UI in all platforms whether it is android, iOS, web it enables you to work in the concept of write once run everywhere.

  1. Hot-Reload

In the native platforms, it has always been a problem to observe sudden and small changes while writing code and especially during UI design, Flutter has overcome this drawback with its hot-reload feature. It will not only help you to fix bugs easily but also add new features without compromising its speed.

  1. Architecture

Building an app is easy but managing it according to business logic is quite a critical task so you need to follow an architecture to manage it and MVP(Minimal Viable Product)is the best suitable architecture for it. its benefits in easy integration, maintaining speed and responsiveness of it.

  1. Performance

If you compare native apps and flutter on the basis of its performance in the flutter code is written in dart and which excludes JavaScript bridge and it helps to boost its performance in terms of speed which is 60 FPS.

  1. Dart

This is another reason why developers love flutter because Dart is an object-oriented, garbage-collected, class defined, language using a C-style syntax that trans-compiles optionally into JavaScript.

Let’s just understand a few key features of dart:

• AOT Dart uses ahead of time compilation and because of it not only it helps to start fast but also to customize its Flutter widgets.
• JIT Dart also uses JIT means just in time compilation which enables you to use the feature of hot reload.
• Garbage Collector Dart is also enabled with the garbage collector in the language it helps flutter to function smoothly and enables it to achieve 60 FPS. Dart has similarities with other languages and this quality makes dart so powerful for development.

  1. Material Design

In every technology, there are some key features that make the technology different from others in the league and in the Flutter material design has this opportunity. For using the material design you only need to use this widget and it will enable you to material design guidelines throughout the app. While in native platforms it is not that easy.

  1. Add to App

Another Feature of Flutter 1.12 is it makes developers enable to add flutter in the current Android and iOS app, Migration of an app in flutter is possible once, instead of creating it from the beginning.

Here in this video of Flutter dev, you can get an idea of doing it easily. You can find out all the new features including this in this blog written by me mentioned below.

  1. Testing

Testing has always been an important part and it the native and in the flutter, both have a bit the same testing procedure but there are also some differences that make it fast in a flutter.


• Unit Test
• Integration Test
• UI Test


• Unit Test
• Integration Test
• Widget Test

In native we have various testing frameworks for Unit Testing like JUnit and Mockito for running unit tests and Espresso for UI test.

In Flutter there are also three components of testing and the widget test is quite similar to UI test, you can also use Mockito by using Mockito package in the flutter, for integration test you can add a package flutter_driver.

  1. Animation

In flutter, there are some inbuilt basic animations to make beautiful applications but if you want to add more animations in your app there is Rive (previously 2Dimensions) to make your wish completely true, by importing Rive directly you can add it.

  1. Fuchsia

Fuchsia is being developed by Google which is an open-source operating system and as explained by Google flutter has been developed keeping Fuchsia in mind. These days it is a need of time a common operating system that can run on smartphones, desktop, embedded systems and many more and Fuchsia has its own micro-kernel called Zircon.

After these small discussions now its time to pay attention to whether Flutter will make its ground big if we compare to native, actually flutter is still in the development phase and new libraries and plugins are still adding in its armoury. So we can hope new and big announcements on this.

Thanks for reading this article, if you find something you better know Please let me know, I will welcome it with full gratitude.

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