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Cypress Plugin for AG Grid

Cypress Plugin for AG Grid

Kerry McKeever created a Cypress plugin for helping automate AG Grid. The plugin is open source and available on Github.


Kerry created the Cypress Plugin for helping the teams he works with incorporate Cypress automation in their development process.

The plugin is continuously developed and expanded as Kerry encounters new use-cases in production development and has been use in multiple companies. Because the plugin is open sourced on Github, it has also been added to by other Cypress users working with AG Grid.

In an overview blog post, Kerry describes the need to be careful about the scope of automating when working with 3rd party components: "The point of this plugin is to not exhaustively test AG Grid in your application, but to allow you to effectively test your implementation of it." Because the responsibility for fully testing the component "falls on the shoulders of the vendor" but "it’s still super important to make sure your application works with the utility."

Kerry was kind enough to spend some time with us to explain how the plugin works and demonstrate it in action.

Demo Overview Video

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Trying it out

The plugin can be installed into a project from npm:

npm install cypress-ag-grid --save-dev

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There are full instructions on how to use it in the Github repo.

The repo itself contains a sample application, which you can see running in the associated video for this post.

To try out the plugin and see the example code:

  • clone or download the Github repo
  • cd cypress-ag-grid
  • npm install
  • then to run the application and run the tests headlessly
    • npm test
  • to run the tests in the GUI
    • npm run test:watch

More Information

You can find more information on:

And we have other testing and test execution blog posts in the testing category with information on Enzyme in the documentation testing section.

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