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Discussion on: Why Do Companies Ask For Passion?

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Jonathan Boudreau

Yes, you also have to make sure boundaries are respected. In my experience when those boundaries are not respected its usually caused by one or a combination of:

  • Lack of communication from the developer. Lets say a developer tries to fix things without discussion during a tight deadline. This will result in working beyond normal hours. If a refactor needs to happen but there is no time in the sprint, it should be brought up to the lead / team members and put in the backlog.
  • Lack of understanding from the manager as to how good software is made. It is best to work with the lead to try to address things. For each sprint, plan for some "fix time" works pretty well.

In short, "passionate" is a small part of what constitutes a good hire. Definitively a good trait to look for though.

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Benjamin Delespierre

Interesting point of view!