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Discussion on: Why is Linux Not More Popular on the Desktop?

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Jonathan Boudreau Author

I've personally never tried it, but I did recommend to some non-developers.

I think the driver issue is solved if you buy the machine for Linux specifically (buy from Dell, System76 or Purism). The problem is that you have the freedom to install Linux on any machine, which is where most of the driver problems come from. Not all vendors support Linux well.

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Sophie The Lionhart

On the driver issue, yeah but if I buy a windows machine I never would really have that issue."

Also for some reason its ALWAYS the wifi driver that fails and there's never an ethernet port. :P

Chromebooks are great for non-devs but they are quickly on the path to be a dev device as well due to the increasing native linux support. The linux support and android apps also make it really robust for non-devs too where just the browser isn't quite enough for them.