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Discussion on: JQuery Footguns?

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Austin S. Hemmelgarn

Use .prop() instead of .attr() whenever you can.

Did not know this, thanks much.

Yeah, this one could stand to be covered more in a lot of jQuery tutorials. It's a regular source of subtle bugs as well as performance issues in code written by people who aren't familiar with jQuery.

methods will silently fail

How do you mitigate this? Explicit run-time checks?

I don't know what the norm is in big jQuery projects. For any of my stuff, I just make certain that things are strictly ordered such that this never happens (and when I can't ensure strict ordering, I use Arrive). FWIW, if you want to check, the most reliable approach is to check the length property of the returned jQuery object (if it's zero, nothing matched).

functionally idempotent and declarative

This I did not realize and am a huge fan of. Unless I'm missing it, I don't think the docs make this very clear, but thinking about it, of course that's how they work.

Yeah, the docs really don't make it clear, and while it kind of makes sense, it is inconsistent with how most programmers assume most things behave by default.

Had not heard of cash, I'll make the case! Looks pretty snazzily familiar, he may go for it.

Best time to go for it is when starting out. It's pretty easy to switch to jQuery after the fact if you need to, but not so much going the other way.

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Ben Lovy Author

most reliable approach is to check the length property of the returned jQuery object

That works for me - I don't think this project will qualify as "big". 1-2k lines of JS total. Hadn't seen arrive, that looks handy, but I think I'm going to see how I fare without it at first.

Seriously, this has been a huge help. You've boosted my confidence going in to this project, I feel a little less lost. Thanks again!