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Discussion on: What's something you're currently learning?

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Ashish Ahuja • Edited on

From the beginning of this year, I have done many courses focused on front-end and progressing towards full stack development. It includes a lot of basics which I am just revising with the tutorials like SSH and Render path and optimization.

On the other hand I am also brushing up my DS and Algo practise with a small group of people on Discord and then discuss the solutions and shortcomings we face.

Along with that I am trying to pick things which I shouldn't do or stop doing to avoid the tutorial hell and wasting to much time :) I also shared an open discussion for the same on Dev looking for people's opinion on the same but didn't get much engagement as of now.

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Arika O Author

The tutorial hell is real and sometimes hard to escape. But not impossible. I am lucky that now I do not have too much time to spend on one million things I will like to learn, so I just stick to a few. It looks like you have quite a few on your plate?