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Joakim Ahnfelt-Rønne
Joakim Ahnfelt-Rønne

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Async/await inference in Firefly

Firefly is a new general purpose programming language that tries to achieve convenience and safety at the same time, by using pervasive dependency injection. There is no global access to the file system, the network, other processes or devices. Instead, you access these through a system object that is passed to the main function, which in turn can pass this object to other methods. The idea is to give the programmer fine grained control over which parts of the code can access what (Log4Shell anybody?), without introducing monads or other explicit effect tracking.

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11 Tips That Make You a Better Typescript Programmer

1 Think in {Set}

Type is an everyday concept to programmers, but it’s surprisingly difficult to define it succinctly. I find it helpful to use Set as a conceptual model instead.

#2 Understand declared type and narrowed type

One extremely powerful typescript feature is automatic type narrowing based on control flow. This means a variable has two types associated with it at any specific point of code location: a declaration type and a narrowed type.

#3 Use discriminated union instead of optional fields


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