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The Developer Experience - With GNU Linux

| UX v DX |

There is a lot of discussion around UX which is nice but my focus is the Developer Experience. In the past, there was a segment of the population that would debate that a Developer is a User, just a different kind of user.

That was fine.

In the meantime, while they were ignoring devs, I focused my work toward developers. This is the audience I wrote to. The instructions for how to use the API or how to parse a json files - were for developers.

The instructions to run the AI applications in python or C/C++ were most definitely written for developers.

| Levels |

There was something else these marketers and product sales people would never understand - the different levels for dev. You have your hackers, your professional devs, your script kiddies and everything in between or on the way to a new level.

| exit_success |

Writing instructions so all would succeed with a final exit_success result is the goal of writing to the "dev" audience.
I know some integrators who will read a 800 page manual, and some like "manual, we don't need no stinkin' manual!".

Personally, I like Ikea's manuals. No words. Total internationalization.

|| F.T.W ||

  1. Keep engaged - eye on the prize
  2. Keep informed - offer accurate instructions with info
  3. Keep on task - offer relevant information
  4. Keep it simple, stupid - KISS still rocks!

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