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Why did I start programming?

My life as a programmer started about six months ago. Initially, my reason for starting was a mixture of boredom and curiosity. As someone who spends a lot of time on their computer, I’ve used hundreds, if not thousands of programs. The thought of “How the hell did someone make this?” has crossed my mind multiple times. Only half a year ago, that thought turned into “How can I make something like this?”. I then started to watch free coding course videos on YouTube, and that led to downloading my first text editor and using python. At this point, coding was just for fun. I was making primitive programs that weren’t even useful to myself, and having a great time with it. I hadn’t considered the possibility that my newfound hobby could turn into something more. That changed when I saw a YouTube ad for a school called Flatiron (shoutout to google for stalking my search history). I started the pre-work for the software engineering class, and found that being spoon-fed information was more efficient than attempting to teach myself. The thought of “How can I make something like this?” has now turned into “What will I make?”.

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