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Devin Fitzsimons
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DynamoDB Stream use cases

This week, on Twitter, I asked the following question:

I don't really understand @dynamodb streams. I need a use case that makes sense to me, so maybe a web app. What kinds of actions are best for this idea. Reporting services make sense, send an action after an 'update'. But beyond that, I need a reason that this is a cool.

This came up because I'm reading The Dynamo DB Book by Alex DeBrie. The book is fantastic and I'm learning a lot, but he is very enthusiastic about streams, and I didn't see any obvious use cases. The tweet had a bunch of replies so I'll try to note them here.

I'd just rather read this on twitter

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Final thoughts

I'm still getting comfortable with Dynamo and improving my understanding of Single Table Design, Streams, and all things Serverless. But, the amount of resources and folks that are willing to chat about how this works is pretty awesome.

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