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FrontEnd projects for Beginners

As a new FrontEnd developer I have had quite a bit of trouble deciding which projects should I do first to learn the basics. Having gone through countless posts and blogs I curated a list of projects for beginners in React.
Once I had the list the second problem that I faced was that I could not find a common repository or guide or a post which had more than one of these projects. At times it really become a cumbersome task to shift through different repository and posts to understand these applications.
One advantage I found having all the projects in one place is that I could visualize how the different features of React worked and how to decide which feature to use for a particular problem.
Though this list in itself is in no way complete it is a start. More applications will be added to this list in the days to come by.

.Up and Down Counter

.Tic Tac Toe

.ToDo List


Up and Down Counter

Up and Down Counter is a basic counter application where on the click of a button the count value can either be incremented or decremented.
Alt Text

Tic Tac Toe

The classic Tic Tac Toe game created using React. It is created using the example given in the React official website.
Alt Text

ToDo List

A simple to do list with two different input fields. It is a simple application to temporarily store the values entered by the user. Currently I have fixed the maximum number of items in the list to five but it can be easily removed by just removing the if condition.
Alt Text


A simple calculator made using React.
Alt Text

For a demo of the application fell free to wisit the website.

All codes are available in the Git Hub repository.

Please comment if you have any other beginner level project ideas.

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