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Ajah Chukwuemeka
Ajah Chukwuemeka

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Programming as a form of expression...

Writing is a form of expression and I guess we all had that one classmate that was lauded as one of the best writers in school. We ask ourselves; is it not the same words that both of us see in the dictionary? Or were we not in the same grammar classes? However, we try as much as possible to measure up with our pairs but we never seem to catch up. Why? It is because, writing is a form of expression whereby we tell our stories and put them out for others to see based on our experiences. Note the word: experiences. Our experiences are the people we meet, the places we go to, the books we read and the things we do.

Hey! Cut the crap. How does this concern programming? Programming is not any different from writing. Yes! It is not. In programming, we tell our stories through code. We solve our problems based on our own experiences. Programming lingo is just like the words we use to express ourselves. Knowing words don't make us good writers. No! It is our ability to express ourselves in our own unique way with words that gives us our unique identity. It is our ability to make use of a certain paradigm or style to code and our unique method to solve problems that differentiates some of us.

As programmers, we should endeavor to find our unique style bearing in mind the need to learn from people ahead of us and leveraging the knowledge we get from them to build our own unique identity. When we start viewing programming as a means of expressing our inner selves with code, we would grow as even better coders and make a mark in our own field (no matter how small it might be).

Go into your dark room and find your creative self of expression with code...

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