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Hello to,
I have seen so many social networks sites, social coding network sites but is different from all.
Frankly saying, I just came here to promote my blog,
But when I see what actual is, I feel so good. is only place where we can share coding, thinkings, thoughts and so many good things and now I use daily.

Thank you

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I agree.

I stumbled upon DEV accidentally via Twitter and never looked back. It feels like home here. 😁

It's a refreshing platform with focus on a topic I actually care deeply about.

The people here are simply so nice and amazing. Everyone has something to offer, no matter where they are in their careers.

Even though I know none of you personally, I feel like you are all an extended family. 😎

A really really big extended family. 😂


Woohoo, we're just working really hard to keep earning reactions like this. ❤️


Given the vitriol of facebook and twitter, yes. Agree 100%


It looked so weird at first. It was too different from most platforms and it felt incomplete. Few posts read later I feel like I visit it more than twitter

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