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Slack Clone with React | Semantic UI | GraphQL | PostgresSQL (PART 1)


Hey all, this project will be a series. I don't know how long the series will be as I'm still working on the project as I write these articles. I've wanted to build a chat app for quite some time. I came across an older tutorial (3 years ago) of Ben Awad (awesome YouTuber) doing a slack clone, which was perfect for me, so I'm following his approaches and making mine a updated version (a lot has changed in 3 years).

I wanted to practice building more complex projects. I'm learning a lot so far, like working with the PostgresSQL database, using Sequelize for the ORM, and connecting it with Graphql. So I'm hoping you guys can learn something too :) But that's enough of the intro, let's dive into the first part.

Installation for Database

Before we get to the good stuff, we need to install the things we need for this project. I'll be using a Mac throughout this series.

  • Nodejs of course :) (if you haven't already =>
  • PostgresSQL (for Windows and Mac

Installation videos
Mac video:
Windows video:

  • Postico ( optional if your more visual like me :) this is a GUI for your database.

That is all you need to get the database portion setup using Postgres (not that much). In the next one, we'll work on folder setup and installing the packages we need for the backend. Until then folks :)

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