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Introduction JavaScript


The console.log method is used to log or print messages to the console. It can also be used to print objects and other info.

console.log('Hello World!`); // Hello World!
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JavaScript is a programming language that powers the dynamyc behavior on most websites. Alongside HTML and CSS, it is a core technology that makes the web run.


Methods return information about an object, and are called by appending an instance with a period., the method name, and parentheses.


Libraries contain methods that can be called by appending the library name with a period ., the method name, and set of parentheses.


Numbers are a primitive data type. They include the set of all integers and floating point numbers.

let amount = 5
let price = 16000;
let total = 80000;
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The .length property of a string returns the number of characters that make up the string.

let message = 'Hello daddy!';
console.log(message.length); // 12
console.log('sugar'.length); // 5
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JavaScript arrays have quite a lot of useful methods that can simplify our development efforts.Knowing these methods can save us time and can even boost the performance of our code.

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