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Cloud Computing

I'm starting a new journey to start learning cloud computing skills. To start it a questions come into my mind.

  1. What is cloud computing ?
  2. Why cloud computing ?

Let us try to answer these.

What is cloud computing ?

Cloud computer is buying compute power, RAM, storage on demand as and when needed. In this we actually don't want to own the IT systems as it creates a lot of problems. It's highly flexible and we can choose the right amount and size of the computing powers and pay as we go according to how much we use the resources. This makes an easily scale able network of servers which we can increase and decrease as demand goes up and down.

Why cloud computing ?

In traditional infrastructure of servers we need to buy resources as we scale up and down. This causes a lot of problems as there may be a seasonal need but you may need to buy extra servers and there will be a lot of maintenance cost for these servers i.e. server room rent, cooling charges, wiring costs and hiring people that can do all this stuff.

Cloud Computing solves much of these disadvantages and gives several other advantages like

  • It reduces capital cost and converts it to operational cost i.e. you don't need to buy a huge server upfront rather than you can pay as you use those resources which provides high flexibility. Which result in total reduction of cost.

  • Less guess work involved you can increase or decrease your servers as and when required so you don't need to guess how many servers are needed.

  • No need for maintaining server rooms or have physical space for these servers

  • With cloud you can go up and running in a few minutes

  • Most clouds runs at massive scale which provides the benefit economies of scale in prising and maintaining

After researching there seems to be a lot of cloud providers available right now like GCP, AWS, Azure, Alibaba, Oracle, IBM. I've chosen AWS as my platform of choice for running the cloud. AWS is the leader in cloud services and contains the most variety of service. Stay tuned on how I learn AWS cloud.

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