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AWS Elastic Beanstalk - Hands On

To create a stack on AWS bean stalk follow the steps below

  • Search for beanstalk in the Search bar after logging in
    alt text

  • Click on create application on the homepage
    alt text

  • Select an application name I selected test-beanstalk-app and tags you want to attach to this app
    alt text

  • After that on platform select

  1. Platform- Language with which you want to deploy your app
  2. Select version of node.js I selected the automatically selected one
  3. Platform version- Version of AWS platform that you want to select as different versions support deifferent node.js enginesalt text
  • In application code select sample application for a test app. If you want to upload your own code select upload your code alt text

  • Click on create application and wait for a few minutes after a few logs you will see the following screen
    alt text

  • Click on the app link highlighted in the previous image to have a look at your demo app.
    alt text

  • After that in configuration you can check all the things that were setup by AWS beanstalk
    alt text

  • You can create various environments in the environments like creating develop, production etc.
    alt text

  • Finally delete your app using the applications tab and select application and after that click on actions and click delete application.

alt text

We are done with creating a platform in Beanstalk next will study how to create your own pipelines in AWS

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