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AWS CloudFormation - Hands On

Last article we studied what is AWS CloudFormation in this article we will create a basic AWS cloud formation template. To setup a template in AWS CloudFormation follow the steps below:-

  • Search for AWS CloudFormation in the search bar and go to AWS cloud formation

  • You will get to the dashboard click on create stack
    alt text

  • In the prepare template select Template is ready. Here we can select other options to like use Sample template which uses an already created template or you can also choose to Create template in designer which helps you create templates visually.
    alt text

  • After that select upload a template file You can also select a templete file form your S3 bucket. Upload the following aws-example.yaml file

    Type: AWS::S3::Bucket
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You can also click on View in Designer to visually see how your stacks looks like
alt text

  • Click next enter a stack name like CloudFormationdemo and click next
    alt text

  • Next you can add tags to identify your cloud formation resources and ralt text
    oles to give access to various services we don't need roles and set the tag as name CloudFormation you can use any other tag.

alt text

. Then click on next. You can review all your values are correct and click on create stack
alt text

  • It will show you all the events that happened while creating a cloud formation template
    alt text

  • Go to your S3 console and you can see that there is a bucket Cloudformationdemo
    alt text

  • This is way to create a Cloud Formation Stack don't forget to delete your CloudFormation stack if you are doing this as a demo

Next we will study about Amazon Beanstalk.

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