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Discussion on: Setup Phoenix with Svelte+Rollup

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Hi OP and thank you for such a quick reply!
Indeed, I tried your repo from scratch and it worked then I redo from scratch on my side, and the problem was that I was keeping an @import "./phoenix.css statement at the top of my global.css file.

If I remove that statement and for example either import it from the JS side (like we already did on main.js like so import "../css/global.css" or simply by copy/pasting its content.

Do you know if it's possible with Rollup to @import CSS files within CSS files?
I'll probably need this anyway because of other library having those kind of @import?

Again thank you for taking the time to answer..

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Joshua Nussbaum Author • Edited

Happy to help :)

Try importing phoenix.css inside main.js:

import '../css/phoenix.css'
import '../css/global.css'

Alternatively, postcss-import might do it, though I haven't tried it myself.