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Git pre-hook: Setup pre-push hook for Gradle project example


There are various Git pre-hooks that are quite helpful for several essential tasks we want to execute before commit or push or rebase etc. Basically, there are various use cases, like running linting before you commit or running unit tests before push or commit.

Whenever a Git repository is initialized, Git creates sample hooks inside .git/hooks directory in the project directory. E.g. .git/hooks/pre-push.sample

Getting Started

Below are steps on how to configure pre-hook for a Gradle project:

1. Create a pre-hook script

Let's create pre-push file inside a new scripts directory, and we want to run unit tests before code commit.


echo "*****Running unit tests******"

stash_commit="$(git stash create)"
git reset --hard

./gradlew test


if [[ -n "${stash_commit}" ]]
then git stash apply "${stash_commit}"

echo "*****Done with unit tests******"

exit $status
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Above command stash the working directory changes before running the unit tests, and unstash back. This makes sure, we're running unit tests only in the clean working directory. (as this is been configured for pre-push, changes must have been committed, make sense?πŸ˜€)

2. Create Gradle Task

Next, create a Gradle task in the build.gradle file to install the pre-push script. Why do we need it? because, we want this to run on all developers' machine, not just on our machine, we all love consistency and wants to put the constraints.

task installLocalGitHook(type: Copy){
from new File(rootProject.rootDir, 'scripts/pre-push')
into { new File(rootProject.rootDir, '.git/hooks')}
fileMode 0775

build.dependsOn installLocalGitHook

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Here pre-push file was created inside project root directory i.e. scripts

Above Gradle task will run whenever someone takes the build and assuming that developer who is making changes will run the Gradle build task at least once and I hope I'm rightπŸ˜‰.

Once pre-push script is copied to .git/hooks/ directory, we're all set. We can verify its content as below:

cat .git/hooks/pre-push
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Now, next time whenever someone will run git push, it will first run the ./gradlew test task.


ak@--mac git-pre-push % git push

-- Output

*****Running unit tests******

4 actionable tasks: 4 up-to-date
[main ed41136] update
 1 file changed, 13 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)
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Final Notes

  • The way ./gradlew test is configured, in the same way, any other tasks can be executed. And of course for other tasks stash and unstash won't be compulsory.
  • And very similarly other pre-hooks can be configured

Sample Code

Here is the GitHub repo with an example.

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If you have reached here, then I did a satisfactory effort to keep you reading. Please be kind to leave any comments or ask for any corrections. Happy Coding!

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