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Brief Introduction to the Installation Guide of Forem/Dev

In this series of One-Stop to Install Forem, I will be discussing the Installation procedure of Forem using Forem Documentation as the primary reference.

The documentation provided by the Forem is one of the best starting points to wrap around this new Open Source, but having a semi-formal approach to discuss is also not a bad idea to me. So I am inclined to start one, and anyone who wants to improve this or have issues can contribute through the comment section.

From the past three months, I opened up various issues in the GitHub issues section to realize that most of the problems are related to a lack of my knowledge of the environment. Through this series, I will try to share my knowledge of experience to keep you on the right track.

Things to keep in mind

There are a few terms I might frequently use, so I would like to define them.

Development Instance: Local Forem Instance on your laptop.
Production Instance: Online Forem Instance for online users.

By the end of this series, we aim to create our Forem instance. To achieve this first, we need to create a Local Forem Instance or a Development Instance. Then finally, this Development Instance will act as a medium or local reference to support our Production Instance, which will stay in Heroku or VPS.

For more information related to Development and Production refer to this article

Note: Depending on your OS or medium of installation, choose the next post.

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