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Notes to Myself - First Dev Job Reflections

  • I've spent far more time fixing issues than I have spent time writing original code
  • Bugs are a thing and will always be a thing
  • Holy god having a monitor and keyboard is worth the cost
  • I guess I'm getting paid to be super uncomfortable all the time now
  • There are days I just don't wanna; and that's ok, I have to do it anyway, and if I do it, the suckage goes away after about 20 minutes.
  • I'm reading far more code than I expected: for every line of code I write, I probably read 5-20 lines of other code
  • I read way more english than I ever thought I would, too
  • Not every article you find on the internet about something is helpful
  • Once you get past very very basic things in code, the resources become far fewer in between, more full of jargon, and considerably less accurate, overall.
  • I see a lot of plagiarism and its gross. Don't steal other people's code examples or articles w/o attribution, yo.
  • Graphs, visuals, pictures, and color-coded anything is my friend.
  • If you can make coding funny and human it takes a lot of the suck out of it when you're struggling
  • Asking questions is ok and no one thinks I'm an idiot.
  • I should ask questions sooner than I do.
  • Just cause I'm new, doesn't mean I'm wrong
  • Its better to feel stupid in front of other people and figure something out than feel stupid in private and not make progress
  • A good team will make or break your experience, cause this job is HARD
  • Being physically active is a non-negotiable
  • I'm SO glad I didn't give up
  • Getting paid this much is a mental adjustment, it helps to reframe your salary as being compensated for business value-added. (hint---you're adding a lot of business value.)
  • Don't ever take side gigs that don't pay a regular developer rate, you won't be taken seriously and you won't be able to do your best work.
  • This is the most fulfilling job I've ever had.

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