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11 reasons why I love working from home

Here they are:

I can concentrate. To perform at best, I need to get into the Zone. In an office I don't get into the Zone as much as I'd need to. I'd also need to see my colleagues from time to time because well, they are people I share a lot of time with. Let's meet regularly in the office to catch-up and socialize a bit?

I can communicate better. This may not apply to many. I am a non-native English speaker. Reading comments is easier to me. In online meetings I can concentrate on the voice of the speaker. I can even turn on live captions on some video conference services.

Waking up is not stressful anymore. I'm not a morning person, I do best later in the day, that's when the magic happen for me. My morning routine went from a 12 step process to a 3 steps process, wake up, prepare both mentally and phisically, work. I don't miss the lost extra steps, one of which is:

Commuting. Some of you are happy to, I don't know, take a bike a cycle to work. Personally I see commuting as a daily loss of 2 very precious hours stuck in a too-full-to-be true set of n trains. With those two hours I now can:

Do extra work if I want to. I don't need to rush it, I don't need to prepare to leave the office. I can finish the bits I want to finish for the day, peacefully. Or...

Spend more time with my family. Play with my baby, watch her growing right in front of my eyes. See, on a daily basis, if I haven't been on 3 trains to rush home, I'm more calm, and more grateful, and more happy to help at home. Help my baby, help my wife. Or sometimes, I could even

Relax. Yes, play a game, indulge in my hobbies some more. Or even better, go outside for a walk, maybe with the rest of family. Go for an ice cream with the

Money I saved. Cooking is cheaper than eating out, right? I'm also quite certain it's healthier. So I'm calmer, I can focus more and I eat better, I can now spend some money and time to

Fix my house! At 6 in the evening I'm not too tired to hang a picture or swap furniture around to see how it looks like. I can take 20 from work and go mount that new towel hanger in the bathroom I've been planning to fix for months. I would catch-up with work later! Or, instead of fixing something, one day I may need to

Take a nap mid day. Uhhh. Some days it's 3 o'clock in the afternoon and my eyelids start getting heavier and heavier. In the office I usually soldier on, I try as much as I can to stay vigil. Well, I think nobody now will be hurt if I take a 30 min nap in my bedroom instad. A power nap, the ones that make you feel better after you had one. All of this really contributes to my

Mental Health. So I don't see a reason why I should not be doing this in the foreseeable future. Leave comments about your experience if you want.

My name is Albino Tonnina, I'm an italian web engineer in London.

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