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Alec Brunelle
Alec Brunelle

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My first meetup talk @ GraphQL Toronto ⚛️

Not me pictured lol

The one skill I think every developer should practice is public speaking. Unless you are a remote-developer who doesn't do audio OR video calls (idk if this exists), every developer needs to communicate ideas, thoughts, and plans with other co-workers.

I am pretty committed to this idea so I did a couple of talks last year just to my coworkers. This got me much needed practice and gave the chance for people to give me feedback.

Anyways, I decided that once a year is a good cadence for giving talks and meetups are the next stepping stone for me. I reached out to Paul Dowman at Shopify who was running the next GraphQL Toronto meetup. He accepted my offer to do a talk on Apollo Local State and the rest is history 😇

Alt Text

The slides

Alt Text

Blog post I wrote on the subject

A lot of people gave me positive feedback which was awesome. I practiced a lot in front of co-workers (and my wife <3) which all gave me super good feedback.

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