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I suspect my opinion is the opposite of most who watch livestreams, but I'd love to see livestreams that were mostly coding--very little interaction with the people watching it or if so, minimal. Like being a fly on the wall while someone works on something.


Indeed, that's kind of the way I would imagine a coding live stream would be. But I would also add that the person also speaks out loud his ideas or the reason behind why they did it this way and not another, like refactoring a class or method, for example.


Oh, definitely. The few I've seen basically end up being the person coding very little and instead mostly just talking to the people commenting, which is fine, but not what I'd go for. I agree that hearing the person's train of thought etc would be good


I think a lot of the viewers of streams are lurkers. A colleague of mine does a stream on a VirtualBoy emulator in Rust, and has a lot of silent viewers. Of course, he's also got a few chatty viewers which provide for endless commentary.

If you are a fly on the wall somewhere, be sure to just say "hi" or something in the stream's comments. For us new streamers it's just nice to know somebody is watching and enjoying it, even if you don't have any questions or comments.

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