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I don't really watch any right now, but I plan on doing a lot of live streaming once our code is open source. I feel like it's a great way to get folks up to date on how insiders think about the code and disperse info that could otherwise be locked away in my head. It's also such a great learning and teaching experience depending on who tunes in.

I've never done it but I think it will be fun. (and scary 😨)


I think it's more weird than scary. Plus you get a big dose of "wow, I feel like I'm idiot", "did I really get stuck on that?!" :)


I do live streams about UI coding and algorithms. I use Fuse for the UI coding, and my own language Leaf. Please subscribe and feel free to ask questions.



That sounds awesome!

I'll make sure to check it out :D


I suspect my opinion is the opposite of most who watch livestreams, but I'd love to see livestreams that were mostly coding--very little interaction with the people watching it or if so, minimal. Like being a fly on the wall while someone works on something.


I think a lot of the viewers of streams are lurkers. A colleague of mine does a stream on a VirtualBoy emulator in Rust, and has a lot of silent viewers. Of course, he's also got a few chatty viewers which provide for endless commentary.

If you are a fly on the wall somewhere, be sure to just say "hi" or something in the stream's comments. For us new streamers it's just nice to know somebody is watching and enjoying it, even if you don't have any questions or comments.


Indeed, that's kind of the way I would imagine a coding live stream would be. But I would also add that the person also speaks out loud his ideas or the reason behind why they did it this way and not another, like refactoring a class or method, for example.


Oh, definitely. The few I've seen basically end up being the person coding very little and instead mostly just talking to the people commenting, which is fine, but not what I'd go for. I agree that hearing the person's train of thought etc would be good


I remember quite sometime ago there was a site dedicated to streaming coding live.
Totally forget what's the site already.
Hopefully someone remembers and can list some sites here.
I thought it was this site initially 😂.
Was something with "dev" or "tv" or something.


I enjoy Kent's live streams. He has almost daily short streams about very specific (webdev) topics. They're all recorded and stay on his YouTube channel youtube.com/user/kentdoddsfamily


I know MPJ is streaming these days, but to be honest I'm not a fan of programming live streams.

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