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It depends. For me it's a frustration tolerance thing, and if I can tell I am growing at something.

Also, I ... don't believe in lazy. If someone is unwilling to do something, there is ALWAYS a reason: are they burnt out? Do they not have the resources they need to do it? If it isn't a priority for them, why is there a mismatch there -- is it because they have too many other things to do, or because there is a poor management system, or because they don't understand the situation? Do they feel like their work doesn't really matter so why bother? Are they just too damn tired?


Earlier on this project, the client asked us to do something involving a scroll setup and a specific layout. I am not great at that stuff, but the designer I work with was super busy that day.

So, I tried. I got really, really frustrated, and made almost no progress, and could feel myself getting a flavor of frustrated that gets me real close to possible literal table flipping.

So I gave up. I posted in the client+us Slack channel saying that I was going ahead and deploying and that the functionality required is all there, and the design part is incomplete for that section, because I wasn't able to do it well and it would be a waste of my time and energy -- NOT because that work is meaningless or trivial or unimportant, but BECAUSE it is important and I wouldn't do a good job and it would take me a very long time to do it, whereas I could focus on something I'm better at for a while.

Sure enough, my coworker said she had a little breathing room later that day and she'd give it a shot, and I went out to grab a coffee. Came back 30 minutes later and sure enough, she'd gotten it done, it looked beautiful and worked beautifully and was exactly what the client wanted.

It's OK to do stuff you're good at. Why do you feel guilty? Is it because you think you don't do enough by doing design? Is it because you do often get asked to do dev stuff and you're worried you won't have the skills necessary to do so when the time comes? etc etc.


I partly agree with not believing in laziness. Laziness is a symptom of a deeper problem such as narcissism, a complete lack of understanding, etc. But I can't go as far as to say it's not a real thing.

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