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Discussion on: How do you help yourself fix bugs?

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Alessandro Ronchi • Edited

We have a rule (that requires working in a team or having at least a programmer buddy): spend no more than 1hr on a bug.
During this hour you can search on the internet, try to apply suggested solutions, try to find one by yourself.
At the end of the hour, if you are stuck, ask for help.
This rule came out from true stories of people (including me) spending hours or even days on bugs that only took some minutes to someone else to solve.
Sometimes it's all about understanding that we are too biased and need a new point of view.

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George Marr Author

Would love to be able to have someone there that could help me, one of the minors of working from home.

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Ben Halpern

I think this can work, but requires full buy in and everybody being on the same long as your working at the same time. Asynchronous communication is another story.