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Let's build a coding community

Hello! I'm going to build a coding community called BreatheCode and I will try blogging about it, in this first blog post I thought it was a good idea to summarize: 1) Why?; 2) Core values; 3) and what I have so far; Hopefully you read this, join and contribute. I know this is going to take years, but it will be lots of fun... 😁

So what will be this community about?

There are lots of communities, why building another one? Well, I've been teaching code for a long time, I have a coding school, and I've coding for 20+ years, I think I can spread my knowledge better and help more people If I do it publicly from now on.

Community Values

After teaching for a long time, I think these are the main 4 reasons people don't learn or stop trying to learn code, the community values should be built around those problems:

Problem Value
Structure: Where to start? What comes next? It's overwhelming the number of lessons, tutorials, etc. Structured: As content is published, you will know where the content fits into the incremental syllabus
Reading vs writing code: Learning to read code it is quick, but writing takes 10x more effort. Hands-on: All tutorials will be hands-on, no lesson or youtube-only tutorial, code and practice will always come first
Mentorship: Where can you ask questions? Most people drop when they are stuck because there is no guide or coaching Responsive: We need to support each other, live channels will always be available
Self-confidence: The impostor syndrome makes you quit before really trying Constant publication of motivational content, code of conduct with very supportive approach

💡 There are other values that any serious community needs: 1) Collaborative, everything published will git-based, easily editable, and open to contributions. 2) Open: Everyone should participate in ANY way!

What is my progress so far?

The community will not be mine alone, that is why I wanted to call it "BreatheCode":

  1. Website: There is a v0.1 alpha website here:
  2. Tutorials: I have already started publishing interactive tutorials here.
  3. Youtube: This is the channel.
  4. Github: The GitHub account is very active and I'm trying to document it properly here.
  5. Live chat: I'm still trying to resolve this, Twitter is not enough we need something more alive, probably a slack or discord channel, more updates soon.

Join me!

I'm not looking to be the sole maintainer, even if you still learning how to code there is a lot you can help with, send me a DM to my Twitter account: @alesanchezr

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Jack Giffin • Edited

Please consider joining/partnering with the GNU Foundation. They are the biggest supporter of free, libre, open-source software (FLOSS).

If not that, then you should at least be promoting Linux and the GNU GPL. Any good coding community promotes both Linux and the GNU GPL (there are some very bad coding communities out there, and I hope your community is one of the good ones)

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Alejandro Sanchez

Absolutely, I will look into this!

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Jack Giffin • Edited

Thank you so much. The GPL is necessary for our freedom because big money will misuse the software we write and create non-free products if we use any other license (hence why all non-GPL licenses are evil. It's not that the licenses themselves are evil. Rather it's that the more permissive licenses allow companies to do evil things with the software.)

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Jose Hurtado

Great read and advice