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One more question if you don't mind. As far as I see from "- .:/app:cached", you use mac. Do your coworkers use Linux?
I'm asking because running "run" on Linux without "--user" option creates files with "root" owner. And running without this option raises error because of "- BUNDLE_PATH=/bundle". It's not allowed to write to root folder for non root users.
Do you solve it somehow? Or your entire team uses mac?



For now, I do not have such problems, because of mac.
I think you could change BUNDLE_PATH for something less like '/app/bundle' not to be a root directory?

Do you also consider to run the docker as non-root user for linux?


like '/app/bundle'

Yes, I do it this way now, but annoying bundle folder (though empty) gets created in app directory on host. And still no luck because bundler says / is not writable.

Do you also consider to run the docker as non-root user for linux?

You mean docker command? I run it as non-root, but there's still this issue on Linux github.com/docker/compose/issues/1...

My last set of questions :)

  1. Why do you need to set BUNDLE_PATH both in Dockerfile.dev and docker-compose.yml?
  2. When do you run bundle install? I cannot find it here gist.github.com/dsalahutdinov/2d89...

Thanks a lot for your answers!

Thanks for the questions, they are really make sense!

1) seems setting it in docker-compose is redundant
2) most suitable place, I think, is to leave the bundle install at bin/setup where it usually is, like here github.com/thepracticaldev/dev.to/...

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