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Salahutdinov Dmitry

Lead backend developer (Ruby) at Amplifr, testing fan, simplicity propagandist Family man, nature-lover, mathematician, red car driver


Mathematics department of Ural State University, Russia


Ruby backend developer at Amplifr

#showdevSetup web-page screenshots within a minute

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#showdevMonitoring external services with Prometheus and Grafana

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Kubernetes-native development: sync files with Ksync

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Ruby conferences to attend in 2020

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Continuous deployment Ruby application to Minikube with Google's Skaffold

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Dockerize the multi-services application for local development

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#showdevMonitoring Puma web server with Prometheus and Grafana

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#showdevOutdated browser detection with Browserslist

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Purify code with data integrity. Part 1: defaults and not-nulls

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Concerns testing with anonymous controller

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#discussStressless pull-request watching with Google Mail

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How to migrate monolith to the scary new version of Rails

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Postgres enums with Rails

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