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New achivements of Mezon PHP Framework

Hi all! Today I want to try a new format with Mezon Framework news. May be it will be more interesting for you.

Replacing Laravel with Mezon Router

It was quite surprising for me but some people use Mezon Router to replace Laravel’s one. Here is the proof

You can also refer to it if you need migration tips.

Non-ASCII routes in Mezon Router

Another news for my router. New feature was implemented after the issue was submitted.

If you need new featured in the router or in other packages of the Mezon Framework – please feel free to submit them )

But as we are speaking about non-ASCII routes let’s look at the simple example:

$router->addGetRoute('кириллический-урл', ...callback...);
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No changes in your code required. You can use non-ASCII routes as common routes.

Plugin manager

Here I want to make a simple announce – right now I do small plugin manager wich can made web applications more granular.
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